Basketball-The Greatest Players

The game of basketball is one of the most popular and played sports in the world. It's been a pastime for centuries, with children playing on their own, in parks, and in organized leagues. The game's popularity has grown immensely since the introduction of the National Basketball Association (NBA) in 1946. The NBA has served as a way to connect basketball fans who are spread all around the globe.

The NBA was founded by 10 teams that wanted to play professional basketball. They knew they needed to get more games going on so they could make money and grow their fan base. Some people argue that when Michael Jordan came into the league he made it even more popular because of his amazing talent and charisma. But without question, thanks to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, players today can now reach millions of fans from every corner of Earth with just a click or tweet.

The Basketball Legends

There have been many basketball legends in the history of the NBA. Some of the most notable players are Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Kobe Bryant. These three players have been in the league for over 20 years and have arguably had the most successful careers. They are all considered to be among the best players in NBA history.

Michael Jordan is probably one of the greatest basketball players ever to play. He was a fantastic scorer and also a great defensive player. He lead his team to six championships but his individual achievements were just as impressive. He has won five MVPs, is a 14x All-Star, 10x first team All-NBA (which is something that only two other players has done), 3x DPOY, 6x Finals MVP, 3x scoring champion, and is 2nd on the all-time points list with 32,292 points (next to Kareem Abdul Jabbar).

LeBron James has had an incredible career as well. James is not only one of the most popular athletes on Earth but he's also one of the richest athletes with his net worth being $440 million. He's led his team to four consecutive NBA Finals appearances and has won three championships in those four seasons. He won two MVP awards, was a 12x All-Star, 10x first team All-NBA player (the same number as Michael Jordan) and 4x Finals MVP (also same as MJ).

The rivalry between these two basketball legends has raged and added to the popularity of the game.

The NBA Social Media in the Digital Age

The social media era is here, and it's transforming the way we interact with each other and the world. Businesses can't afford to rest on their laurels anymore, either--a company without a strong digital marketing strategy is missing out on thousands of potential customers. This has led to an understanding that you need to be digitally savvy if you want to succeed in the modern world.

The NBA is also using social media to grow their fan base. They have a great presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other popular social networking sites. The NBA has an official Facebook page with over 2 million fans. They are one of the most popular sports leagues on Twitter because they tweet about the games and make it easy for people to find out about their favorite players. And they have a new website feature called NBA Game Time which is a way for fans to watch games live or on demand.

Social media doesn't just help the NBA league by expanding their fanbase but it also helps basketball players grow their brand. Players can share pictures of themselves with friends or family as well as post video clips of themselves in action. Fans can comment on these posts and chat with other like-minded people who share their love for the game. This creates an interactive community that draws in more followers and promotes more interaction among those who are already following them.

One of the most important takeaways for digital marketing today is that companies need to understand their audience. You'll see this in your Facebook profile or on Google when you're searching for something you will be bombarded with ads based on your search history, which will change depending on who (and what) you like. In fact, studies show that more than half of all millennials are likely to click on an ad after looking at a brand's social media page. Understand your audience and what they like then tailor your marketing efforts accordingly!


Basketball is a sport that has taken the world by storm. With so many great players, it’s hard to know who to root for. Find out which legends who have taken the game and catapulted it to new heights, you can go to games or simply enjoy watching them on social media in the digital age.