History of The Golf Club

Golf is a sport with a rich history. It has evolved through many different phases, and has been played on every continent except Antarctica. Golf was first played in Scotland in 1457. It was originally called cambuca, which means “stick” or “club” in Celtic languages. This is because the clubs were made by cutting off tree branches and trimming them to make them straight-shafted clubs that resembled cambucas. The golf club would next spread to Europe, where it became popular amongst the elite class as an outdoor pursuit that could be enjoyed year-round around their estates. The sport became known as "golf" by the Scottish aristocracy when the game finally came over to Scotland for the first time in 1457 and was played by noblemen who enjoyed playing this medieval cross between croquet and hockey on their estates all year round.

Ping Golf

Ping was founded in 1959 by Karsten Manufacturing Company and is one of the best-known golf equipment brands in the world. Ping was originally created to make high-quality clubs at a fair price. It’s no wonder that Ping has maintained their popularity and has become an industry leader in golf equipment.

In the early days, Ping manufactured putters out of aluminum, but changes in technology led to the company switching to steel in 1974. In 1977, they had switched over to stainless steel, which makes Pings more durable than ever before. Today, Ping manufactures twenty-four models of clubs for every style and handicap level.

Ping Golf is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and employs over 100 people worldwide with operations in North America (Arizona), Europe (England), Asia (China), Japan and Australia.

The Rise of the Clubs

The old clubs became impractical because they had to be custom-made for each player, and golfers soon found that it was more difficult to control the ball with these large, heavy clubs. Golfers eventually started using smaller, wooden sticks as their new golf club, which were similar to modern drivers. The loft of this stick was determined by how far it could send the ball when struck on its downward swing. Golfers also experimented with different materials for their club heads, such as ivory and bone. Eventually, they discovered that a club head made of brass produced a better shot than one made of wood or covered with leather.

These early brass heads were domed in shape so that they would fly farther when hit down on a ball with a full swing. This innovation would lead to the invention of the driver in 1922 by Henry Cotton who created this new club out of necessity after he lost his favorite driver during World War I.

A Sport for All Classes

The Dutch are credited with inventing the golf course in the 1500s when they created a course in Amsterdam. The popularity of golf increased in the 1800s, and it became a common game amongst the working class. Golf clubs in America began to form in 1894.

In recent years, there have been many changes to the way golf is played. This includes technological advancements like automated tee boxes and digital score cards that allow players to track their progress digitally. The digital age has also influenced how people play golf - for example, online courses now exist where players can play at any time of day or night from the comfort of their own home or office chair. There are many innovations that have shaped the game of golf over its long history, but one thing remains constant: it is an enjoyable sport for all classes.

Golf Clubs

-A putter is a club used to hit the ball into the hole. It is one of the most important clubs in a golfer's bag as it is used almost every time the ball is played. There are many different types of putters, and they are often specifically designed for golfers with different skill levels.

-Iron clubs, or irons, are what a golfer uses when he/she hits the ball off the tee or fairway. The number of irons correspond with how far they can travel-a 3 iron can travel up to 230 yards and a 9 iron can travel up to 180 yards. A driver is not an iron but instead falls under the category of woods.

-The driver is usually reserved for more experienced golfers as it requires accuracy and distance off of the tee. The driver typically has less loft than other clubs because it travels further distances, with some drivers going over 250 yards.

Golf Clubs-The Putter

The putter is the club used to strike the golf ball. The putter is the only golf club that does not have a standard rule of play. The player can strike the ball with any part of the putter. It was first used in 1968.


Golf clubs have come a long way since the first clubs appeared in the 1200s. Ping Golf, European history, the rise of clubs, a sport for all classes, golf equipment brands, golf clubs-one wood, golf clubs-the putter has given those who enjoy a round of golf many new and exciting options. The only downside is this equipment can be expensive and can take some time to find the right piece of equipment that fits your needs.