Soccer – Serie A

Serie A is the top level of professional football in Italy. It was founded on 18th March 1898 by representatives of the major football clubs in order to create a unified Italian championship that would allow the clubs to find a purpose for all their work.

You may be wondering what sets Serie A apart from other competitions. Well, Serie A does not have relegation and promotion, meaning that the teams can't move up or down between divisions. Instead, only one team per season is eligible for an eventual qualification spot in the UEFA Champions League. As you might know, this is a huge deal for even some of the smaller teams!

The lack of promotion-relegation is often cited as one of the reasons behind Serie A's popularity: it provides greater stability and guarantees teams will play at least 18 games each year without risk of being relegated to lower leagues.

Who governs Serie A?

The governing body of Serie A is the Lega Nazionale Professionisti Serie A. This organization is responsible for organizing the league and implementing league rules, including those that concern player eligibility, match-fixing, insolvency, and club ownership.

Aside from organizing the league, they also oversee a number of other professional leagues such as Serie B and Serie C1 (the third division). They don’t only work with football teams; they also work with the Italian Football Federation to promote youth sports.


Juventus is considered to be one of the best teams in Europe and has an international fanbase as well as a passionate fan base in Italy. They have won thirty-seven league titles, nine Italian Cups, four Italian Supercups, seven Italian Super Cups, two UEFA Cups (or European Championships), and two UEFA Supercups.

In recent years, they have also broke ground on their own stadium, Stadio Comunale which was completed in 1990 for about $125 million USD. The construction was largely funded by selling players like Roberto Baggio to other clubs.


The most successful team in Serie A is AC Milan.

This means that they have won the most titles and are the most dominant team in the league.

It's also worth mentioning that they are one of five teams to have never been relegated from Serie A, along with Juventus, Roma, Lazio, and Fiorentina. These five teams are called "the big five" or "the old lady."

AC Milan currently plays at San Siro, which is also owned by the club. They've played there for over 3 decades now and it has been their home ground for all of their success.

But what makes them so special? One of their biggest assets is their youth academy: Milan spend €100 million a year on youth development, which is why they're the most successful club in Italy in terms of youth players coming through their ranks. Most of these players end up staying with the first-team squad and play a pivotal role within it.


Another successful team in Italy is Napoli. They have a rich history and have won the Serie A title six times. This year, Napoli are fourth in the league and are on track to win their second title in three years.

Napoli's success is largely owed to one of its greatest players: Diego Maradona.

The Argentinian player spent two seasons with the club in 1984-1985 and helped lead them to their first Serie A title since 1959. He was also awarded FIFA World Player of the Year for his performance that season.

Inter Milan

Inter Milan is one of the most prominent clubs in Italian football, with 18 official championships and two UEFA Champions League titles.

The club's achievements include winning the Intercontinental Cup and being runners-up in the 1966–67 European Cup; they also won three European Super Cups and a joint four UEFA Cups.

In total, Inter Milan has won seven major European trophies and five national championships. The club was founded on 9 March 1908 to indulge the interest of businessmen and young professionals who wanted to create a sports society that could participate in all disciplines, especially football and cycling. The club president was originally elected by nine people from a group of twenty-one, emphasizing that it was not just an association for those who owned expensive bicycles.


Serie A is one of the top soccer leagues in the world, with a rich history, competitive players, and a passionate and dedicated fan base. The league is governed by the Italian Football Federation, and it has a unique way of operating that sets it apart from other leagues. The Serie A season lasts from August to May, with 18 teams participating. The top five teams to watch out for are Juventus, Milan, Napoli, Inter Milan, and Lazio. Juventus are the defending champions, with Napoli being their main competitor. In recent years, Serie A has been enjoying a resurgence in popularity thanks to the rise of top teams such as Inter Milan and Napoli.