The Biggest MMA Fails

The world of mixed martial arts is one of the most exciting and unpredictable in sports. With a history of such incredible moments like Fedor Emelianenko's fight against Kevin Randleman or Ronda Rousey's fight against Holly Holm, we're always on the edge of our seats waiting to see what happens next. However, there are some moments that many fans would probably rather forget. These are the most embarrassing moments in mixed martial arts history.

The Biggest MMA Fails

In 1997, the UFC was in its infancy. The first Ultimate Fighting Championship was only a few months old and had not yet become the global phenomenon it is today.

In Miami for UFC 12, there were two brawls that proved to be some of the most memorable MMA moments of all-time. In one fight, Tito Ortiz and Jerry Bohlander faced off against each other. After a fierce battle, Ortiz knocked his opponent out cold with an uppercut to the chin.

In the other fight, Dennis Hallman and Guy Mezger faced off against each other. As the fight progressed, Hallman took Mezger down on multiple occasions before finally locking him in a rear naked choke at the end of round four. When Mezger refused to tap out and pass out from being choked out as Hallman had hoped, he started waking up his opponent by headbutting him in the face until they were both bleeding profusely from their heads. Finally, after almost 10 minutes into a brutal match, Hallman was declared the loser due to a doctor's stoppage due to excessive blood loss on his behalf.

The Worst Knockouts in MMA History

Mixed martial arts is a sport that produces some of the most exciting moments in all of sports. With upsets and comebacks, knockouts and submissions, it's never boring. But every now and then there are some knockouts or submissions that leave viewers with a feeling of "meh." One such knockout came from former UFC champion Anderson Silva against James Irvin in 2006. Silva threw two quick punches before the referee got to stop the fight. Irvin was out before he hit the mat, but Silva's punch knocked him halfway across the ring, where he tumbled onto his back and fell unconscious.

This knockout has been cited as one of the worst in MMA history because it left so many questions unanswered, like why did Silva throw two punches when one would have sufficed? And what really happened? It's also been called out for being one of the most embarrassing moments in MMA history because it left other fighters stunned during their own fights on that night who couldn't believe their eyes.

The Worst Fight Ever

It's hard to pick the worst fight in MMA history. There are some fights that come close, such as the bout between Pete Williams and Joe Son or the fight between Matt Embree and James Thompson, but by far the most embarrassing moment in MMA history is Brock Lesnar's fight against Frank Mir at UFC 100.

Lesnar was a former NCAA champion wrestler who had only been training in MMA for two years. His opponent was a former two-time heavyweight champion with 13 years of experience in MMA.

The UFC stated that this would be a title match before it was announced that Lesnar would be fighting Mir. The odds of Lesnar winning were about 99 percent according to Vegas oddsmakers.

Mir didn't care and gave Brock everything he could handle, dominating him on the ground before ending up on top after an incredible reversal by Mir. Brock tapped out while Mir screamed expletives at him, celebrating his victory over someone who wasn't even qualified to get into an amateur MMA tournament let alone a professional one.

The Most Embarrassing MMA Moments

It's not an easy task to make a list of MMA fails. There are so many embarrassing moments that it's hard to say which is the worst. In fact, there are enough fails for an entire article about them. But for those who are curious, here are some of the most embarrassing moments in MMA history.

1) Royce Gracie vs Ken Shamrock

This was one of the most anticipated fights in MMA history and one that ended up going in a direction nobody saw coming. In the fight, Gracie was dominated by Shamrock and eventually submitted to what looked like a rear naked choke. However, when Shamrock released his hold and Gracie stood up, he threw up his hands in victory and proclaimed himself the winner. The referee didn't see anything wrong with this gesture so he declared him the winner as well. It wasn't until after that it was revealed that Shamrock had actually won by submission due to a chokehold instead of a rear naked chokehold.

 The Funniest Moments in MMA History

One of the best parts of mixed martial arts is that anything can happen. It's a fast-paced sport, where it only takes one strike to knock somebody out and end the fight. But there are also moments when something happens that causes everyone to break out in laughter, like when *insert hilarious moment here*.

Some of the funniest moments in MMA history include:

-Ali Bagautinov crushing Chris Wade with a wheel kick to the chest

-Randy Couture being knocked out by Tim Sylvia

-Gokhan Saki knocking Mirko Cro Cop unconscious with a vicious uppercut