What are the Different Title Belts in Boxing?

Boxing is a combat sport involving two people in which one uses their fists to strike the other person. This activity has been around for thousands of years and is still popular today. From amateur bouts to professional fights, boxing is a sport that many enjoy watching. One thing that boxing offers is that it has different types of belts. In this article, we will go over some of the different belt titles in boxing and what they mean.

As with any competitive sport, boxing has its own set of belts that are given to different levels of a fighter. From beginner to world champion, there are several belts that can be awarded in boxing. The following article will go over the different belt titles and what they mean.

What are the different belt titles in boxing?

  1. Amateur Boxing

The first belt is called the amatuer title. In this, there are usually ten different weight classes and a person must be at least 17 years old. There are also some other rules that one must follow as well in order to get this title belt.

  1. Professional Boxing

Next up is the professional boxing belt. This one has no age limit and can be done professionally or as an amateur for money. The only difference between these two titles is that there is no age limit on the professional title belt in boxing.

  1. Women's Title Belts

Women have their own sets of belts too! These range from novice to international champion and they work the same way as their male counterparts in terms of weight divisions, with the exception of a few differences such as gender-specific competitions instead of male-only ones, and female-only elimination bouts instead of male-only elimination bouts. One thing that differs is that female boxers compete in lighter weight classes than their male counterparts, where males start off fighting at 52 pounds while females start off fighting at 48 pounds and can go up to 57 pounds or more depending on what weight class they are in.

Title Belts in Professional Boxing

There are a few different belts in professional boxing. From the lowest to the highest, these belts are:

- World Boxing Council (WBC)

- World Boxing Association (WBA)

- International Boxing Federation (IBF)

- World Boxing Organization (WBO)

These titles are given to people who win against other opponents in the same weight class. For example, someone who is in the flyweight division would be fighting for titles against other people in the flyweight division. They would first advance through the WBC, then WBA, and finally IBF and WBO. To get to the next belt level, fighters must beat contenders of their own weight class or higher.

Title belts are important because they offer bragging rights among boxers as they fight their way up the ranks in this sport. Many see them as a symbol of success and hard work put into becoming a champion.

World Champion

The highest title in boxing is the world champion belt. This title is reserved for the best in the sport. To get this belt, a boxer must beat all other contenders and be declared the world champion by the boxing community. They don't need to be an Olympic champion or just one of many regional champions - they have to be considered the best in the world.

International Champion

When a boxer wins 30 fights, they become an International Champion. This is the second-highest title in boxing. International Champions can be challenged by anyone who has won 10 fights or more.

Intercontinental Champion

An intercontinental champion is a title given to the person who holds the title of the top boxer in their division. This is not an international championship, but it means they are one of the best boxers in their country.

Pan-American Champion

A Pan-American Champion is the top level of amateur boxing. These champions are considered to be in the same league as other champions at the international level. The Pan-American Championships are held every four years, with the next set coming up in 2024.

Youth World Champion

The Youth World Champion is the highest belt for youth boxers. These boxers must be 18 years old or younger and must have won a title in their age group. Boxing's Youth World Championship is the most prestigious of all boxing belts, so this is a big accomplishment.

Youth Olympic Games Winner

A youth Olympic games winner is someone who was victorious in the Olympics games for youth. This athlete has won an international, Olympic-style competition and is a champion of their age bracket.

Olympic Games Winner

The Olympic Games Winner is the highest title of boxing. The Olympic Games winner boxers are the best in the world. In order to win this belt, a boxer must have won three gold medals at the Olympic Games. This is a very prestigious title and only one boxer can hold it at a time.