MMA- Art Jimmerson

Jimmerson is a retired mixed martial artist and was the UFC Middleweight Champion from 1997-1998. He also holds the record for being the youngest fighter to ever fight in the UFC, at only 19 years old. His first professional bout was in November of 1999, where he defeated Nick Diaz by submission.

Famous for his southpaw stance and 14-1 pro record, Jimmerson competed in many organizations including Pride Fighting Championships and King of the Cage.

Jimmerson is currently a coach at MMA Masters Academy, where he also works as an instructor teaching both kids and adults mixed martial arts training. To learn more about Jimmerson's coaching methods and MMA Masters Academy, read on!

About Jimmerson and his MMA Academy

MMA Masters Academy was founded in 2008 by Art Jimmerson, a retired mixed martial arts fighter, who is also the former UFC Middleweight Champion. Located in Dallas, TX, MMA Masters Academy offers both kids and adults one-on-one training for many different disciplines of mixed martial arts. The academy specializes in boxing, wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai kickboxing, and many other forms of fighting styles.

Coaching Methods

One of the most popular classes offered at MMA Masters Academy is the personal trainer program. This class is designed to provide students with all the skills necessary to become a great coach themselves. Students are trained in coaching methods such as how to teach different stances; how to break down strategic moves such as strikes and grappling; and how to improve cardio endurance through circuits and interval training.

Fighter Statistics

Jimmerson's professional MMA record was 14-1. Of those 14 wins, he had seven by submission and five by KO/TKO.

Jimmerson was a dominant fighter in the UFC, where he won the UFC Middleweight Championship in 1997 at only 19 years old. He defended his title twice before losing it to Frank Shamrock by TKO in 1998.

He then fought to regain his title, but lost to Brian Johnston at UFC 22 in 1999.

In 2000, Jimmerson signed with King of the Cage and had one fight with them before ending his career with a loss via TKO against Tony Fryklund at the Pride Fighting Championships: Shockwave event on December 31, 2000.

What makes Jimmerson a good coach?

Jimmerson's coaching methods are centered around the principles of Muay Thai. He believes in the importance of both physical and mental aspects of MMA, and that's why he is constantly training his students to be "well-rounded" fighters.

He teaches his students about the dangers of doping and offers an anti-doping program for his fighters. Jimmerson also has a strong code of ethics, which includes: being respectful, honest, loyal, courageous, fairminded and confident in one’s own abilities.

 Techniques for Success in the MMA

If you want to be successful in the world of mixed martial arts, there are a few important things to remember. First, make sure you have proper training. Jimmerson's MMA Masters Academy offers a variety of programs to teach and train people with various skillsets. They offer expert instruction for many different levels, backgrounds, and interests. Whether you're interested in self-defense training or competitive fighting, Jimmerson's academy has the right program for you.

Next, make sure your life is balanced outside of school or work. Training at MMA Masters Academy is demanding and can take up a lot of time; it's important to find balance so that your overall health doesn't suffer.

Finally, it’s imperative that you stay humble no matter how much success you encounter. If you don’t maintain an attitude of humility and appreciation for what you have, it will only lead to a downfall in your abilities and progress as an MMA fighter.

His Personal Life

Born in Toledo, Ohio and raised in Oklahoma, Jimmerson is a fourth-degree black belt in shotokan karate. He retired from mixed martial arts at the age of 24 due to his commitments with coaching and teaching.

Jimmerson has three children: two sons and one daughter. His oldest son, Cameron, is also a mixed martial arts fighter and trains at MMA Masters Academy.


Jimmerson has a proven track record in MMA. His MMA Academy is one of the best in the world and he has helped develop world champion fighters over the past 25 years.

His coaching style is one that emphasizes athleticism and conditioning. One of the things that makes him a good coach is the way he teaches his MMA fighters to fight aggressively.

He has a degree in kinesiology, which is a degree that focuses on teaching people how to move their body in a safe manner. This knowledge comes in handy when developing new techniques to teach his students.

Jimmerson's personal life is an interesting one. He was once a world champion boxer, but became an MMA fighter after an injury.

He has been in the stable of boxing great Muhammad Ali, and even met Prince Charles, who was impressed with Jimmerson's boxing skills and invited him to the palace.

Jimmerson has also been profiled on CNN, ESPN, and many other TV networks.