MMA-Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor, UFC champion, is one of the most interesting and controversial athletes in history. He's a two-division champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and he's currently ranked number four on the UFC pound-for-pound rankings.

He's known for his pre-fight trash talking and post-fight celebrations. He's also known for his unapologetic comments off of social media like: "i'm an as...ole". As someone who has been surrounded by controversy throughout his career, some people may see him as a hero while others may see him as a villain.

Why Conor McGregor is a hero

Conor McGregor is a hero because he's done so much for his community. He bought his mom a house and pays for her bills, he's a generous tipper, and he does interviews with kids in homeless shelters.

He also has great values. Conor is against racism, bullying, and greed. He's outspoken about how the world should be a fairer place and we should all work together to make it that way.

He keeps his word. Conor always says what he means and doesn't back down when others try to bully him or bring him down.

He's had tough times but he never gives up on himself or other people. Conor has had many hurdles in his life but he's managed to overcome them all without giving up on anything or anyone around him.

He helps people find their true potential within themselves by being an example of what they can be if they put their mind to it. Conor may not have been born with the same advantages as others, but that hasn't stopped him from achieving amazing things in his life thus far--and inspiring others around him who want to do the same thing!

His trash talking

People who like Conor McGregor don't really care about what he says before or after a fight. They like that he's unapologetic and doesn't say things just to please everyone.

For example, during the UFC 205 press conference in New York City, Conor McGregor said, "I think I win this round on my own." To some people, that statement may be seen as cocky and arrogant. But for others, it was a sign of confidence and honesty.

During the UFC 202 press conference in Las Vegas, Conor McGregor said to Nate Diaz: "You're looking at the king daddy." Again, some people may see it as a cocky statement while others see it as an honest one.

After winning his first fight against Jose Aldo Jr., Conor McGregor announced his desire to take the title of featherweight champion by saying on Facebook: "What we have done is only the beginning". Some people may see this as arrogant while others may see this as confident.

One thing is for sure: there's no denying that Conor McGregor has trash talk down to an art form. And people admire him for being unapologetic with his comments even if they disagree with him.

His carefree lifestyle and his opinions

McGregor has a carefree lifestyle and his opinions are what make him such a hero. He is not afraid to share his opinion on any topic whether it be about his own success, the UFC, or even Donald Trump.

Through these unapologetic statements, he's given people the courage to be who they are and speak their minds. His lifestyle and personality have given hope to people in society that there is someone out there like them that is living life how they want to live it without being afraid of what other people think.

He's not afraid to poke fun at anyone. Whether it be the president of the United States or UFC President Dana White, McGregor isn't afraid to say what he thinks. McGregor has used this trait as a form of entertainment for himself and many others who enjoy his antics.

In addition, he's also not afraid to contradict himself on social media by posting "i'm an as...ole" in response to people calling him one.

How he handles himself in the UFC

McGregor is a hero in our society because of his behavior in the UFC. He's a two-division champion, and he's currently ranked number four on the UFC pound-for-pound rankings. Even with all of his success, McGregor still finds ways to push himself to be better every time by challenging himself to new weight classes.

He's also known for his post-fight celebrations that have become something of legend. His "over the top" remarks during interviews and social media posts are what some may call controversial, but that's what makes him so unique. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, McGregor says:

"I'm telling you man...I'm an as...ole."

"Any day you wake up and someone says something about you online or in an article or anything like that, I just laugh and smile inside. That's my way of dealing with it."

It takes courage to do what Conor does at such a high level where he has been surrounded by controversy throughout his career.


Conor McGregor is a very controversial figure in the world of sports. Some people love his outspokenness and carefree attitude, while others think that his antics are a bit much. Regardless, Conor McGregor is one of the most successful fighters in the UFC and a hero to many.